The downloads here are Amateur Radio based apps that I've created as tools for ease of access to information or live audio.  These projects are created to save time by simplifying certain tasks while having fun. There are no ads or spyware/viruses and no guarantee of functionality across devices. Have fun and feel free to drop a line anytime with questions or comments.

To Install the Android Apps please check the "Install from Unknown Sources" box in Android settings.

Live HF Nets - Android App

The purpose of this app is to provide easy audio stream access to most of the daily nets on HF with an option for manual tuning. The apps interface provides current UTC time on the upper portion while listing 133 daily HF nets sorted by scheduled net time in the list view. Clicking on a net will activate the audio stream of that frequency and manual tuning of the radio stream becomes possible. The app requires internet access.

Digident - Android App

The purpose of this app is to provide offline access to visual and audio samples of most digital modes used by FLDIGI and MultiPSK for easy identification. The app features a waterfall screenshot of the chosen digital mode as well as detailed information about that mode and an audio sample to play for reference. The next button allows a user to quickly switch from mode to mode to aid in faster identification. This app does not require internet access.

Dstar status - Android app

This app provides quick access to DSTAR Reflector and XRF server status and other information like users and gateways linked. Featuring a next button for quick scrolling and an input box for quick naviation.  A few known bugs may cause the app to stop working properly but for the most part is a useful app for DSTAR users. This app requires internet access.

2020  KM6WYE: A Journey in Time.


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