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First glance at the Mendocino WebSDR Server

It's not online quite yet but great progress is being made. A week ago I received the server software for WebSDR, this server will allow us to host a local VHF WebSDR in Mendocino County that can be accessed by anyone in the world on the internet. A friend, Scott, has been working on the Linux side of the project and mentioned an issue that I didn't really understand. I'm not very advanced with Linux, although I do love and appreciate it's flexibility and power, but I decided to give it a try anyway to see if I ran into the same problem. My only copy of linux is Skywave Linux which is a ham radio based version of Ubuntu with a ton of great ham radio software pre installed.

After moving some files around the first step in the server configuration is to edit some files to tailor the WebSDR server to our location, frequency, hardware, etc..

Once the files are edited and configured properly the RTL_TCP server must be started before the WebSDR server. Note: The WebSDR server requires Root access to run.

Once the WebSDR server is up and running it can be accessed by loading a web page. From the local server URL will get you there. So far the server is configured with a few commonly used frequencies that a user can "one click tune" to. It has the option to record the audio heard as well as many other handy functions.

From my Phone and other mobile devices on my local network the server seems to be working quite well. Here I'm listening to the CARLA system node in Willows, CA 146.115. To experiment I ran 12 different devices and tabs all streaming from the same server and the server held up magnificently. The next step will be to deploy the project at an elevated location with high speed Static IP Internet. Stay Tuned!


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