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The Real WebSDR Server

This morning I woke up and checked my phone to see an incoming email from a name I didn't recognize. I guess maybe I should go back and mention that a few of us are setting up an online accessible Software Defined Radio so anyone online can tune into the local frequencies around here and listen to whats happening. This will be great for non hams to listen in on the nets and emergency communications.

So far we've installed and played with the server software "" which is really great but doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the WebSDR server software has. From the birth of the idea we all wanted to use the WebSDR server software however it isn't freely available online. To get it you have to be serious about hosting a WebSDR and email the creator of the software explaining your plan and setup to get a link and a security key. A couple days ago I sent him an email explaining our setup. I am excited to announced that I received an email this morning with the download link and code. Very soon southern Mendocino County and surrounding areas will have a WebSDR server hosted Locally Thanks to the hard work of Scott Morgan, Rick Azarnoff (KK6PZA), Len Gwinn (WA6KLK), Marc Carson (KM6NHH), Marshall (KM6OTF), Nick (KI6RIT) and myself (KM6WYE). Stay tuned for Updates and Links!

Until then check out the other WebSDR servers around the world on

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